Walking FAQs

Walking is a superb way to boost your fitness and improve your physical and mental well-being – even just a 10-minute walk a day has been proven to have many health benefits. Our walking FAQs will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to enjoy the great outdoors on foot – taking you through the health benefits of walking, as well as offering expert assistance in recommending walking footwear, equipment and accessories for your needs. You'll also find a handy hiking checklist, so you're always prepped for adventure.


How Long Does it Take to Walk a Mile?
How long it will take you to walk a mile varies by person, but a rough estimate is that it takes between 15 and 22 minutes to walk a mile. The average walking pace is between 2.5mph and 4mph, depending on your fitness, size and various other factors. If you're just getting into walking, it is likely it will take you around 20 minutes to walk a mile, but as you walk more and become fitter, that time will reduce, and you will also feel able to walk further.
How Long Does it Take to Walk 10,000 Steps?
You will often see that a target of 10,000 steps per day is a great way to improve and maintain your fitness, but the length of time and distance it will take to achieve that can vary dependant on stride length, speed and size. The average stride length is between 2.1 feet and 2.5 feet and, with those measurements in mind, 10,000 steps is around 5 miles of walking. As we have earlier established, a mile can take between 15 and 22 minutes to walk, so it is a likely a beginner will take an hour and 40 minutes to walk 10,000 steps and a more experienced walker could finish 10,000 steps in around an hour and 15 minutes.
How Many Miles Should you Walk a Day?
There are various different suggestions for how many miles you should walk a day to stay fit, but the most common is around 5 miles and that's why you often see people attempting to get to the rough step equivalent – 10,000 steps. According to data, the average adult walks between 1.5 miles and 2 miles per day, so the jump up to 5 miles a day can be quite daunting. We recommend building up your walking in increments until you find walking 5 miles or 10,000 steps relatively easy.
What is the Average Walking Speed?
The average walking speed is between 2.5mph and 4mph, dependant on your stride length, weight and level of fitness. This can vary between men and women, but the fitter and lighter you are, the faster your average walking pace is likely to be. Walking beginners are likely to be walking at between 2.5mph and 3mph, but that speed will increase as you walk more often and further.


Hiking Checklist
Wondering what to pack to go out walking or what to wear whilst hiking? Fear not, we have put together this hiking checklist to cover all the hiking gear you need.